An A-Z For Your Life
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My name is Shirley Anstis. Like many of you my life has consisted of exploring various paths in order to find my soul's calling. I began my working life training in accountancy. After a while I realised that this path was not making me happy or supporting me in achieving my potential. I decided to go to university and study for a B.Sc. in Behavioural Sciences (a combination of Psychology and Sociology). This opened me up to a fascinating and insightful world which brought me to a Masters in Careers Guidance and a Diploma in Counselling.

Following a decade as a careers adviser I have become a counsellor working with head, heart, body and soul. This training, and my experience as a client and a counsellor lead me to write this book exploring many of life's important issues for each of us. I am always moved when people tell me how helpful they have found the book. The sudden death of my sister gave me the courage to publish and reminds me how much we are all capable of.

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An A-Z For Your Life  

“A great book from a great author. Rarely do you read books that are both inspiring and challenging. This is one of those. But this is a book that is easy to read and I pick it up most days just to feel a little better about the world and my own personal journey. The author creates great insights that move beyond the obvious and take you to new realms of thinking.”
N. Warren

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